We  have  the  pleasure  in  introducing  ourselves  “TOPGUN CORPORATE SERVICES PVT LTD”   To  you.  As an company, we are in the field of Property Management services since 1995.  We are providing our services of highest standards to renowned organizations   and we have maintained a good record of professional services to our esteemed customers.

It  is  due  to  our  dedication,  hard  work  and  practical strategic approach that we have been able to carve  a  niche  for  ourselves  in  the  industry.   Today   we have  in  our fold, many prestigious Organizations.  Our  client  include  Elite   Business Houses , Industrial units, Hotels, Restaurant, Government Establishment, Bank, Housing Society, Bungalows, showrooms, Commercial  Complex, Construction site,  and Warehouses.


 TOPGUN CORPORATE SERVICES PVT LTD takes care of your entire security problem .Proof of our high standard itself tells  the quality of services we provide.

We provide trained security staff right from Security officer, Security Supervisor, Head  Guard, Security Guard & Gunman to our clients. We appoint Field Officers/Training officers who regularly supervise the security staff. We are at services throughout the day  and attend promptly to the needs and requirements of the customers.


In the world of liberalization and Globalization where each and every aspect of corporate business whether big or small has been given great attention and importance.  Housekeeping or the Jargon word Cosmetic Maintenance cannot be neglected or ignored. In quest of providing the best working environment to its  employees,  housekeeping   is  to  be  given  a   serious  thought   TOPGUN CORPORATE SERVICES PVT LTD helps in keeping  these problems at bay.


Name of the organization     :  TOPGUN CORPORATE SERVICES PVT LTD.
Address                                    :  8-B, Satyalok Appartment, Opp Hadapsar Police Station, Hadapsar,Pune

Phone No.                                :  9822658525,020-65276832,020-26990051,9881078948.

Status of the Firm                   :  Private Limited Company.

Name of Advisor                     :  Major  RaoRane Chandrasen G.(Ret)

Name of  Managing Director :  RaoRane  Sandeep Chandrasen.

Activity                                     :  Security Services and Housekeeping Service.

Company Hierarchy              :  Director’s –  02

Advisor                                    : 01

Top management                  :  03

Area manager                        : 03

Field Officers                         : 15

Employees                             :  1500+.


Our registration no’s are as follows : 

  1. SHOP ACT LICENCE NO                 : MUNDHAWA/II/2070 
  2. PROVIDENT FUND CODE NO       : PUPUN/0309796/000
  1. E.S.I.C.                                               : 33000457860001001
  2. G.S.T                                                  : 27AAFCT0070M1Z7
  3. PROF TAX REG. NO.                        : 27575284825P
  4. LABOUR WELFARE FUND              : PUN226220
  5. PAN NO.                                           : AAFCT0070M
  6. P.S.A.R.A 2005                                 : 147/10




TOPGUN    provides smartly uniformed, highly trained and well Supervised guards for security and safety and of assets, personnel and property Guarding. Services are carried out by providing guards for static posts and mobile patrols for all types of premises.

TOPGUN firmly believes that the main criteria in providing quality guarding are.

  • Selection :- The utmost attention is given to the recruitment of our personnel in accordance with stringent parameters laid by police. This includes education, age, physical fitness and background. All employees are subjected to vigorous vetting. Further we give a lot stress for verification and background check, service records of each employee.


  • Training :- Before development, it is mandatory for all TOPGUN employees to undertake a 5 day basic Security Training Course which imparts the necessary skills to perform duties. Our training courses are designed after having in-depth discussion with the client and assessing the training needs of the staff.


  • Supervision :- In order to provide quality service we give a lot of importance to in depth and active on ground supervision. In this regard, a strong operations team comprising, of managers, field officers and patrol supervisors equipped with mobile phone, carry our checks on all our assignments and guard on 24 x 7 basic, our night checker will conduct random visit at different timings.


  • Procedure & Instruction :- Based on the survey report a security setup for the premises in designed. A details set of instructions including charter of duties security personnel, client’s expectation form security staff, emergency procedures and other relevant details are documented. This set of & site instructions are prepared in consultation with client


  • Client Feedback :- To further improve upon our services and meet the expectations of our clients, we seek  continuous comments. We have a system whereby our field officers, Area manager, and Manager Operation visit the establishment on regular basis and get client feedback that helps us not only for corrective action wherever required but also to upgrade ourselves as regards our services.


  • Round the clock availability :- In orders to provide the best service to our customer, TOPGUN field staff like field officers, Area Managers, Manager operations and Director are available on mobile phone 24 hours a day on all 365 days. The message/call is received, analyzed and right corrective action is taken.


Our Liability & Specialties


  • Our firm will provide the service as the deployed schedule through its uniformed adequately trained and experienced personal for performance of the services hereunder and these security personal deployed will be employees of the firm and all statutory liabilities such as ESI, PF etc., with respect to the security personal discharged solely by firm.


  • The firm will provide the necessary requirement e.g. uniform and other materials to the deployed guard.


  • We will provide bio-data and fingerprints with photographs of each and every security staff deployed at your premises.


  • The firm will be responsible for the replacement of any member of the security force falling sick or proceeding on leave etc.


  • The firm will be responsible for payment and to resolute any kind of dispute of the personnel employed at your premises.


  • The security guard provide by us will be diligent in duties and alert all the times however our firm will not be liable for loss or damages caused due to unforeseen circumstances such as riot, robbery, terrorism, accidents or natural calamities.


  • Our guard will perform only 1 shift relived by proper trained guard with proper handing over/taking over of charge.


  • We will provide the guard with proper uniform with whistle, lathe, torch for the security guards


  • Our senior Management staff shall visit client each month of client response and suggestions.
  • We are having a good liaison with the local police. We will assist to the client in any police case.


  • We will arrange OST (on site training on every fifteenth day for security staff deployed at your premises at our cost. We will provide fire fighting training if equipments provided by the client.