Our Terms and Conditions : 


  • Period of contract :- Contract shall be initially for a period of one year, automatically renewable on yearly unless one months notice is received before the expiry of the said year.


  • Re-employment :- Please note that after the expiry of the contract you are not supposed to appoint any of security personnel at least for period of six months from the date of expiry of the contract.


  • Procedure of duties :- Security Force & Services will carry out the instructions given by your authorized official from time to time. However our personnel will carry out daily routine works as follows :


  • Visitor Management.
  • Material & property Management.
  • Physical checking of employees while leaving the premises.
  • Maintain of firefighting equipment and handling as and when requires.
  • Frequent round and check all posts.
  • Surprise night check.
  • Any other work assigned by the Management as per rules of the establishment.


  • Security personnel :- The smart and attractive uniform will be provided by us our cost and also the character and antecedents are being verified by us before the deployment.


  • Payment & Facilities to our personnel :- We will disburse the payment by 15th of every month. No cash payment shall be offered to our personnel. We are not held responsible for any cash payment to our personnel from your side. All wages and allied benefits of our staff as leave, Overtime, Bonus, PF, ESI, and Gratuity are payable by us and the management does not have to play any additional expenditure besides our fixed monthly charges.


  • Working hours :- The duty of hours of our Security Personnel will be for 8 hours & 12 hours. In case non availability of personnel due to unforeseen reason, the duties will be carried out by available manpower under suitable supervision.


  • Payment terms : – We shall charge our monthly bill on 1st of following month for necessary payment should be made within 15 days of receipt of bill.


In case of any theft or pilferage due to negligence of our security personal we will be held responsible for the loss if any established by the due process of Indian Law.